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Quantum Yoga Podcast

Dec 7, 2017

Wal has published two books with David Talbott (author of ‘The Saturn Myth’)—the first titled 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' and the second, 'The Electric Universe,' on the combined subjects of the recent history of the solar system and the electrical nature of the universe. More volumes are planned. Also e-books are available online: ‘The Big Bang?,’ ‘The Electric Sun’ and ‘The Comet’ being the first. The peer- reviewed paper ‘The Z-Pinch Morphology of Supernova 1987A and Electric Stars’ was published in the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol 35 No. 4, Special Issue on Space & Cosmic Plasmas, August 2007. ‘Toward a Real Cosmology in the 21st Century’ was published in special issue #2 of the Open Astronomy Journal in 2011. Wal was awarded a gold medal in 2010 by the European Telesio- Galilei Academy of Science. He presented the Natural Philosophy Alliance John Chappell memorial lecture, 'Stars in an Electric Universe' in 2011 at U. Maryland and was awarded the NPA 2013 Sagnac Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Wal has a website, HOLOSCIENCE, at It summarizes the Electric Universe Model and provides alternative views on scientific news. He is chief science advisor to the Thunderbolts Project [] and vice president of the non-profit U.S. TBolts Group Inc. His Youtube ‘Space News’ presentations are very popular on the Thunderbolts website. Since 2012 there have been annual Electric Universe conferences and a Special Workshop in 2014. Wal was again the keynote speaker at EU2016 in Phoenix, AZ, where he delivered ‘The Elegant Simplicity of the Electric Universe.’ He is in regular worldwide demand for interviews and presentations. The Thunderbolts Project is responsible for initiating a unique experiment to independently test the electrical model of stars. Phase 2 of that experiment is in progress in Toronto.