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Quantum Yoga Podcast

Oct 7, 2017

Alex Fergus, Health Coach, Blogger & Health Enthusiast

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Alex's Story:

I have a passion for improving health and fitness. I grew up in New Zealand participated in a lot of sports. 
I represented my country in Rowing, won national bodybuilding titles and broke powerlifting records.
I always wanted to be healthier, faster and fitter. 
This thirst to improve lead me into the world of health coaching. Others came to me to learn what I was doing. 
I continue to read, study, experiment, listen and learn. 
I have suffered my own health woes - from being a horrible sleeper, embarrassingly low levels of testosterone and gut issues. Through these setbacks I have learnt even more about the body - not only how to heal from these issues, but how to avoid them altogether. 
This is why my clients continue to have such amazing results. The more people I work with, the more I learn, the more I do, the better I become. Just as Nicholas Taleb explains in the book Antifragile.
Today I continue to learn ways to optimise my own and my clients health and fitness, but also the people around me, family, friends and society as a whole. 
I continue to research write and share, while I grow an organic vege garden, live by the beach, fish, farm, train and walk around barefoot in New Zealand.